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I purchased Zenerx for my 50th birthday, ordered more and took it for 6 months according to directions, but I had to quit after 6 months. It did seem to kick up my sexual desire, which was nice.

It did not increase my *** or erection size. BE WARNED: I gradually got significant joint pain in my knuckles, increased neck and back stiffness, and it aggravated inflammation that I already had, like in my feet. Six months after I stopped, some of the pain has decreased, but some seems permanent.

My knuckles seem arthritic now. I will discuss with my doctor on my next visit.

Monetary Loss: $360.

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I used it for almost a year and have no side effects. Is it possible you had a upcoming athritis anyway ( like in your family history) and it is just timing crossed with starting Zenerx.

I also had 0,5 inch increased in length and in thickness too, as my girl ask me what happen. I don't want show off, just to see that we react all different.

I always made a week break after using it for two. Maybe that's the difference to have side effects!

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