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Zenerx is a complete rip off! dont buy their male enhancement pills!

it is not worth the money! i cant believe they charge 60$ for one bottle of pills! and they dont even work! the only difference i felt when i was taking the pills was an increase in heart rate and slight diziness!

i stopped taking them once i started feeling these since i have heart attacks in my family but it was way too uncomfortable for me. a company that says they dont have any of these symptoms but actually do seems like a scam to me!

dont trust these pills! they are not effective or safe!

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Los Angeles, California, United States #697943

I've been taking Zenerx for over 2 years. Before that it was a noodle...cooked.

Now I get very satisfactory erections. Enough to keep both of us quite happy. I tried the little blue pill. *** near killed me.

I read all these reviews. If it's not working take their advice.

Lose some weight, stop smoking, limit you alcohol consumption, get good quality sleep, exercise and stop jerking off. Living healthy and taking Zenerx will work.

North Vernon, Indiana, United States #649034

Not only is zenerx a scam, they sell your name and address to multi *** companiews that bombard you with their junk. This company needs to be investigated.


any product's description that says your body will start producing what the pill does after you quit taking it,and is written in broken English,is complete ***.There is no effect one way or the other.The product is not approved and may just be a vitamin,if even that! do not buy!!!!!!!!!!!


I've used this product for about three years now and although I have not noticed that big a difference in size it does give me harder, longer lasting erections. It did take nearly a month of taking Zenerex for the effects to become noticeable, but if you read the literature and take them as directed it say that it may take that long.


zenerx is the worst ive taken. if they have tongat ali in it ,it has been sourced terrible because the real thing does work. 42 yr old male.


zenerx is the worst ive taken. if they have tongat ali in it ,it has been sourced terrible because the real thing does work. 42 yr old male.


Got to admit and agree with the above statements, it's BS it doesn't work, I left it to late for a possible refund, I have had no negitive side effect but this product is useless.


It's funny that so many people had problems with Zenerx. Before taking Zenerx my erections weren't as hard as they could be and they'd go away after a minute of inactivity.

With Zenerx my erections are harder and larger. In fact, I've been waking up with ridiculously hard erections or they've been spontaneous. Which hasn't happened in a while. Maybe you've just gotta accept the fact that your junk doesn't work anymore.

That or you could all lose some weight. The chemicals involved get stuck in your belly fat - Most of all testosterone.


NEVER take any meds that your doctor hasn't approved. If he can't help, an off-the-wall outfit like this can't either. The key to potency is having the right partner.

Haven't really had a chance to try Zenerx yet
because they haven't sent my order yet,it's been over a month and still no product, I have been check on the status of there product but it seems to be a big run around those for,So I can't rule out that Zenerx is a scam yet until I give them a few more days and then I can wait
to tell other consumers how I really feel about :?

the zenerx pills is a big B.S I think is nothing important inside the zenerx pills so don"t buy it trust me.

:( This product is BS the one good review was written by the seller. Get a good BJ before sex that works and is safe!

It is a complete rip-off the guarantee is useless and is actually a fraud.

I returned the balance of the pills after 1 month and requested a refund as promised in the advertisments.

After 9 months I am still waiting for my refund.


I'm 50 and have been taking one daily pill of Zenerx for the past 5 years. It works great for me.

Occasionally I will take two pills an hour before sex to give my younger wife a treat. When I run out of Zenerx, I can tell a BIG difference in size and hardness.


Dont waste your money on these enhancement pills.. They do not work, after a 90 day period of takeing ZENERX NO IMPROVEMENT. Dont waste your money, and i wont even talk about there gauranty, whats that....

to Bob Singapore, Singapore, Singapore #625600

ZENERX Totally BS. After tried nearly 2 bottles and nothing happen! waste money on these products..

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